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Since editing the award winning 2011 documentary Forks Over Knives, Michael has worked on many sports and health documentaries as well as the NFL Network, E!, and Travel Channel. Michael first visited Westside in 1999 and used Westside methods until 2005 for football and track. 


Since starting work on the film in 2014 Michael has squatted 670lbs, bench pressed 430lbs, and deadlifted 607.5lbs (all gym lifts). He has also jumped a 28.4" standing vertical at 286 lbs.  


In 2020, he began coaching high school athletes in his spare time using the methods he learned during the creation of the film. He has trained over 90 athletes with 30+" verticals, 25 over 36", & 5 athletes with verticals between 40" and 42.8". He has also had an athlete with a laser timed 4.309 second 40yd dash, and the top high school long jumper for the year 2021 (25'5.5"). 

He is currently the strength coach for multiple teams at Florida High (FSUS) in Tallahassee, FL.

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